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For two years, Steve Larsen was the Lead Funnel Builder at ClickFunnels for Russell Brunson.
Eventually he left ClickFunnels as an employee, to build his own company, which crossed $1 million 13 months later. His podcast, Sales Funnel Radio, was created to share best practices, teach the finer points of marketing, offer creation, and “funnelology”.

Season 1 (episode 1-301) documented all the ups and downs of his entire journey $5m in sales.

Season 2, "Journey To $100m" is now doing the same...
Steve’s approach to funnels, offers, launches, and leads online are so attractive that fans body-check their own Grandmas just to buy! Long walks on the beach aren’t his thing but he loves slappin’ five ;)


Steve J Larsen grew up in Littleton, Colorado and is the oldest of 6 kids. He's always been entrepreneurial and almost got expelled from high school for selling too many laser pointer pens to other students, but instead had to do a bunch of community service as "punishment". As a teen he played drums, piano, sang barbershop quartet (baritone), had several leads in musicals, and was a Head Editor in Yearbook for layout design.
Clearly an unaware creative, and bright, but not yet with books, Steve barely graduated High School. Which didn't go well for his first semester in college. After getting almost all F's his first semester, Steve went back to random labor jobs (tire tech, sprinklers, warehouses, pool boy). Steve began the process of enlisting in the Marines as a teen, but decided to go serve God for two years instead, where he learned how to learn (and remains a strong believer today).  

After learning how to learn, Steve reapplied to college and graduated with a BA in Business and a 3.85 GPA. But, he made up his own degree of Graphic Design, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and general business. 


In college, Steve had a hard time feeding his own family and almost all jobs were a few dollars per hour with all the students around. So he applied for student loans and called his Dad to ask for money (which is not how he was raised). "Dad, can you float us like $3k while we wait for this student loan to come in, and then we'll pay you back when it shows up? It's already on the way!"

The next sentence has become internet famous and kicked Steve into entrepreneurship. "Son, no! If I give you this money now you won't exhaust the resources you didn't know you had!" (that's some A+ parenting and Steve has always felt grateful to his parents about the home environment growing up).

So Steve began creating his own products and also joined the Army to help pay the bills and get him through school. He enlisted and graduated Basic as an 89B Ammunition Specialist. After returning to college, Steve went on to become an Officer. 
But, back in college, the most exciting class of all four years finally showed up: Internet Marketing. Steve walks in, Day 1, got bored out his mind since he'd already been studying it for a few years by then, and, at the end of class, asked the professor if he could hold his own class. Surprisingly the professor said yes, but were to try and actually make as much as possible online, to act as the entire semester's curriculum. Steve agreed, grabbed the other guy that looked bored, and held their own "make money online" course every day for 3-4 hours. That's how Steve learned traffic. Then one day, the Paul Mitchell hair school reached out to Steve's professors asking for internet help. Not knowing what Steve and his buddy were doing online, Steve's professors referred Paul Mitchell to him. Literally, 8 Paul Mitchell schools were some of Steve's first internet traffic clients. Until "that day"...

"Steve, all this traffic is cool, but not if it converts! When will it convert?!"

ENTER: Russell Brunson
So Steve started digging (all while in marketing classes at college) and ran into Russell Brunson's old course called DCSX. Steve made an agreement with himself to be tired, studying it from about 10pm to 2am (college class at 7:45am, daily) every day for 4 months. He devoured it, but had no money for ClickFunnels, which had just left beta.

So, Steve took a week to funnel hack and plan a product with a friend. They pressed "go" on the 2 week ClickFunnels trial, using week one to build everything, and week two to sell customers with the funnel they built, so that by week three customers paid their ClickFunnels bill. 

Army and family obligations kept him from going to the first Funnel Hacking Live (2015) and he was too poor to go anyway (living on about $6k per quarter).

So he asked, "HOW could I afford getting to Funnel Hacking Live 2016?" There were two major moves. 

First, Steve started trading funnels for plane tickets, hotel nights, and the Funnel Hacking Live ticket. Actually telling CEOs to pay him with tickets instead of money taught him about bartering to get what you want. 

Second, Steve wanted Russell to know who he was, so for the 6 months before Funnel Hacking Live 2016, Steve pretended to be ClickFunnels Support inside their own Facebook Group, which only had about 25,000 people in it at the time. Every time someone asked a question, Steve would find the Support Article, read it, try it, and respond. Doing this not only got him noticed, but he became a master at the ClickFunnels platform.

When Steve got to Funnel Hacking Live 2016 he needed to not spend money as much as possible (fasting most of it) so he rented a bicycle in San Diego, held his luggage over his shoulder and literally peddled the rest of the way. 

Walking into Registration, the Support staff already knew who Steve was from everything he was doing in the Facebook Group... and was offered a job at ClickFunnels 5 different times throughout the Funnel Hacking Live event. Lucky enough, he was graduating college the next week. And a 5 days after graduating was sitting next to Russell Brunson as his personal funnel builder. 

After 2 years, Steve left to carve his own trail and crossed $11m in 4 years, which is all documented in his podcast Sales Funnel Radio: Season 1.

Steve is known as the Offer King and specializes in message-writing that sells. Today he co-owns a Leads-From-Organic-YouTube Production Agency with Marley Jaxx, his amazing girlfriend.

Steve has 3 beautiful daughters who are the pride in his eyes. 


Swag And Books

The best Capitalist Pig stories are when one of the THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs, who already have the shirt, get to offend money-haters everywhere with simple truths about hard work and market-value.  

The slogan is "Get Rich. Give Back." If this resonates with you, go get your shirt and post a selfie with your Capitalist Pig shirt on in the FB Group.

“What if we went through the offers of 2CC award winners to see what we can learn? We’ll look at all their funnels and their offers and find what patterns there are!"
So they did. And it took a team with $20k, 2 years.
The entire goal is to show you OffersThatWon. And you can buy the pdf for just $7. If you want a swipe file of 109 offers that won, listed by category and price point, WITH pieces of commentary and lessons throughout…
And if you wanna see what others offers are making money… then this is the most simple $7 you’ll ever spend. 



Ever wish you could just have a copy of the top performing funnels from big influencers? Us too...
But instead we remade them and, now make them available for people to rent.
Funnel Rental? Is that something Steve J Larsen and Jake Leslie made up? Yup. Think Blockbuster for funnels!

Just return the funnel when you’re done with it! (otherwise their custom funnel fee is $150k)

BTS Funnels isn’t just random, good looking, share funnels. These are collections of funnels that ALREADY won. BTS Funnels stands for, Built To Sell.

Knowing what should be IN a funnel is a skillset, but so is knowing HOW to build it and WHEN to even begin thinking about it. 

Sales Funnel Officer is Steve's course on how he transfers his vision into another funnel builder's head (and whole team). This is project management for funnel building

The formula began as he left his job at ClickFunnels, and what began as just a series of steps to replace him, turned into an entire funnel project planning AND management formula. It's how Steve isn't the funnel builder in his own company either. You'll enjoy this entirely different, fresh, and SIMPLE process on building sales funnels.


Core Curriculum

This is Steve's personal Offer & Launch formula, responsible for every dollar he's ever made. He created and still follows this 12 part formula today and now teaches it to his team. He's been tweaking it for the last 4 years. It'll make any funnel project (or simply offer creation) SIMPLE!

It’ll guide you through the messy role of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and pave your revenue path online, as a CMO... They're very different roles. Go check what Steve calls, "the secret sauce". 
So... since Facebook Ads went nuts, because organic content isn't 'Slower' than ads, AND because controlling your own Daily LEADflow is the true key to controlling CASHFlow...

Steve J Larsen and Marley Jaxx created a FREE, 2-Day Virtual Event called, "Lead Machine Live"

You'll learn how to turn YouTube into your own daily lead-setting service... (small channels work too)

Have you had the "Content isn't Marketing" epiphany yet? Honestly, unless a piece of content creates a lead or a sale... was it marketing? NO!

Mastering organic content for LEADS (not views, comments, or subscribes) gives you control of everything PRE-funnel.

Learn more for free below:
The Capitalist Pig NFT is one of the most sought for things that Steve has ever put out. The utilities include membership into Communities called College Of Money, Business Syndicate, and more. 

10% of all NFT sales go to Steve's new charity, the Medical Underground Railroad (For The Exposing Of Curable Diseases and where to do it).

Have you evered WHY it's NOT called a "Marketing" Funnel? There’s a huge difference between marketing and sales, and funnels are about sales.

Marketing is what happens pre-page 1 of your sales funnel. It’s everything BEFORE the first page.

Because most internet entrepreneurs have a SALES funnel that's good enough, but a very poor lead creating (or marketing) machine pre-page one. 

The only options for good traffic are NOT just 1. Ads 2. Buttloads of content. Option 3 lies in the in this crucial difference marketing vs sales. Optins vs actual leads. 

Steve J Larsen and Marley Jaxx have partnered to create the 4-part, YouTube Lead Machine that ORGANICALLY automates your LEADgen, not just optins. 



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